Discovery questionnaire by Annie Maguire

Discovery questionnaire

Everything you need to create your own copy style guide


This is a 28-question questionnaire that's designed to help you uncover key insights about your brand. With this questionnaire, you'll:

  • Get clarity on your brand identity
  • Give you the information you need to create your own copy style guide
  • Feel more confident in your brand and how you express it to others

What's included?

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Discovery Questionnaire.pdf
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Discovery Questionnaire - FREE SAMPLE.pdf
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Copywriter working exclusively with startups and small businesses

I have 7+ years experience across copy, content, strategy and analytics. I specialize in product and E-commerce copywriting, as well as content and general marketing strategy. My approach combines creative with analytics to provide copy that converts. 


Who is this questionnaire for?

This questionnaire is for anyone who wants to better understand their brand / product, and for those who'd like to create a more official Copy Style Guide for their brand.