Annie Maguire/Discovery/Branding Questionnaire

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Discovery/Branding Questionnaire

    30+ questions to help you get clarity on your brand, product, customers & more. 

    ⭐️ Great for creating copy style guides! ⭐️

    Develop a clear brand identity in about 60 minutes

    This questionnaire is filled with 30+ questions that will help you uncover key insights about your brand, product, customers, and more.

    With this questionnaire, you'll:

    Get clarity on your brand identity, including your values, personality, tone of voice & more

    Discover your unique selling props and what makes you different from your competitors

    Drill down into who your customers are, including demographic info, pain points, motivators & so much more

    Feel more confident in your brand and how you express it in your marketing materials

    Get the information you need to create your own copy style guide, which will inform how you talk about your brand internally and externally (like on your website & other marketing materials)

    What's inside?

    This download includes the questionnaire, plus a FREE SAMPLE and video tutorial that will walk you through a completed questionnaire for inspiration and direction on how to answer the questions.

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    Who is the questionnaire ideal for?

    New businesses
    Who are starting from scratch and looking to build their brand from the ground up.

    Established businesses

    Who are looking to revamp, reinvent, or strengthen their brand identity so it align with their current product, goals, mission, competitive landscape, and more. It can also be useful for brands that are hoping to hit new levels of growth or funding.

    Like copywriters, designers, or developers who offer branding services to their clients. The questionnaire can also be used during discovery to make the onboarding process more effective (and the output of your project more effective, as a result).

    Those who'd like to create a Copy Style Guide
    This questionnaire is the perfect jumping off point to help you create an internal style guide that includes sections on brand, copywriting, design, etc.

    Created By A Copywriter with 10+ Years of Branding Experience

    Hi, I’m Annie! I'm a Conversion Copywriter and the creator of this download.

    Over the last decade, I’ve helped brands like USA Network, L’Oreal, Smirnoff, Guinness, The Honeypot Co, BusyCo & hundreds of other businesses develop their brand identities.

    The same questionnaire I use to start EVERY project — and to help businesses of all sizes get clarity on their brand identities — is now available to you for under $10.

    • $9.99

    Discovery/Branding Questionnaire

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    30+ questions to help you get clarity on your brand, product, customers & more. 

    ⭐️ Great for creating copy style guides! ⭐️