Discovery questionnaire by Annie Maguire

Discovery questionnaire

Everything you need to create your own copy style guide


This is a 28-question questionnaire that's designed to help you uncover key insights about your brand. With this questionnaire, you'll:

  • Get clarity on your brand identity
  • Give you the information you need to create your own copy style guide
  • Feel more confident in your brand and how you express it to others

What's included?

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Discovery Questionnaire.pdf
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Discovery Questionnaire - FREE SAMPLE.pdf
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Discovery Questionnaire, Sample (VIDEO WALK-THRU).mp4
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Conversion Copywriter

Annie is a Conversion Copywriter who helps startups and small businesses move leads from "no" to "YES!" Annie has 10+ years experience helping brands of all sizes capture and convert more leads. 


Who is this questionnaire for?

This questionnaire is for anyone who wants to better understand their brand / product, and for those who'd like to create a more official Copy Style Guide for their brand.