Branding 101: Creating Identity by Annie Maguire

Branding 101: Creating Identity

Create your brand identity in just over an hour


In this course, you'll learn the foundational elements of creating a brand identity, from the basics of your brand story to executing your Tone of Voice. Each section contains an explanation video and downloadable exercise for you to go through with your team. At the end of this course, you should have: (1) A clearer brand story (2) A list of your unique product points (3) A clearer understanding of your brand role (4) A defined personality (5) A clear Tone of Voice (6) A developed brand persona 

What's included?

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What's your brand story?
What's your brand story?
7 mins
Exercise 1 - What's your brand story? (questions PDF)
17.5 KB
Your Unique Selling Points
Your Unique Selling Points
10 mins
Exercise 2 - Your Unique Selling Points
40.9 KB
Defining your brand role
Defining your brand role
10 mins
Exercise 3 - Defining your brand role (questions PDF)
17.9 KB
Developing personality
Developing personality
12 mins
Exercise 4 - Developing personality
17.6 KB
Creating Tone of Voice
Creating Tone of Voice
17 mins
Exercise 5 - Tone of Voice (chart PDF)
22 KB
Bringing your brand identity to life
Bringing your brand identity to life
14 mins
Exercise 6 - Bringing your brand identity to life (chart PDF)
24.6 KB
Wrap up / next steps (optional)
Wrap up / next steps (optional)
6 mins

Conversion Copywriter

Annie is a Conversion Copywriter who helps startups and small businesses move leads from "no" to "YES!" Annie has 10+ years experience helping brands of all sizes capture and convert more leads. 


What will I get out of this course?

Here's a high-level overview: (1) a deeper understanding of the branding process, (2) a clearer brand story, (3) a list of your unique product points and differentiators, (4) a definition of "your role" as a company, (5) a defined brand personality, (6) a distinct Tone of Voice, (7) a developed brand persona and (8) exercises with each section.

What do you know about branding?

I'm a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant with 6+ years experience across analytics, strategy, copy and content. I've worked at big agencies (most notably, 360i) with big name brands, but also at boutique branding agencies, who focus more on small businesses. Now, I just focus on helping startups and small businesses with whatever they need, from copywriting to content strategy, and everything in between.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for startups and small businesses who want to discover (or refine) their brand identity, without hiring an agency or dropping a ton of money/time to do it.

What if I still have questions after the course?

Feel free to send me an email through Coach, or reach out to me directly:

Are you available for projects?

I am, but it depends on the project and timeline. If you want to work together, reach out to me on Coach with your information and project details. You can also reach me by sending an email to: