Conversion Copywriter

Annie is a Conversion Copywriter who helps startups and small businesses move leads from "no" to "YES!" Annie has 10+ years experience helping brands of all sizes capture and convert more leads. 

Branding 101: Creating Identity

In this course, you'll learn the foundational elements of creating a brand identity, from the basics of your brand story to executing your Tone of Voice. Each section contains an explanation video and downloadable exercise for you to go through with your team. At the end of this course, you should have: (1) A clearer brand story (2) A list of your unique product points (3) A clearer understanding of your brand role (4) A defined personality (5) A clear Tone of Voice (6) A developed brand persona 
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From Full-time to Freelance

Your weekend was great until Sunday at 5:13PM… It starts with that pang of anxiety in your gut. You glance at the clock, knowing your weekend is winding down and Monday is just around the corner. A sense of doom washes over you as you think to yourself: “I just can’t go in tomorrow…” There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of “work, play, work, repeat," hating your job (and yourself) week after week, knowing your dreams are slipping away right before your eyes. But it doesn’t have to be this way—you can take control of your life, make your own schedule, and get paid to do what you love by learning how to build a business around your passions.  Here’s how you’re going to do it: Step 1: learn how to turn your passion into a business Step 2 : learn how to market yourself and get clients Step 3 : create a timeline for when (and how) you’re going to quit your job Step 4 : learn everything there is to know about running your own business, from rates and proposals to taxes and health insurance  And you won’t have to do it alone, either. I’m going to be there with you, every step of the way, walking you through the steps, sharing tips, and getting you set up for success. When you have questions (and you will), you can email me at any time for help or guidance:  Think this won’t work for you? Think again. Take it from these happy customers who were once in your shoes and are now living out their dreams: "Written in an upbeat, conversational tone, 'From Full-time to Freelance' is filled with advice on how to overcome your fears, build confidence, and take the first step into freelancing. Annie is so relatable as she addresses the most pressing questions and concerns that most have about freelancing; it was like she pulled the thoughts right from my brain! The e-book has left me feeling inspired and motivated to get out there and identify my value and passions. In the weeks since reading this e-book, I've gone back and referenced several chapters already and I will continue to keep it handy in the future. Thanks Annie!!!"   -Stephanie C., "From Full-Time to Freelance is super informative! There are so many overwhelming hurdles when thinking of starting your own business, but this book made me realize those hurdles aren't so overwhelming after all. It's a quick read and provides so many insights that I really needed to get myself going. Annie has a fun sense of humor that makes it a really enjoyable book. I have highlights all over and am excited that I have the tools to get going."  -Abby K., The Ivory Slate  Quit your job or your money back If you read my book and don’t feel confident quitting your job and starting your own business, I’ll give you your money back. Just email me and I’ll issue a refund, no questions asked. :) Don’t let the one life you have pass you by. You are capable of making this change, and with the money-back guarantee, you literally have NOTHING to lose! Get From Full-time to Freelance today to begin creating the life you want !
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Discovery questionnaire

This is a 28-question questionnaire that's designed to help you uncover key insights about your brand . With this questionnaire, you'll: Get clarity on your brand identity Give you the information you need to create your own copy style guide Feel more confident in your brand and how you express it to others
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